Shelters Plead for Help from Watermelon Mountain Ranch Due to Record Number of Owner Surrenders image

Shelters Plead for Help from Watermelon Mountain Ranch Due to Record Number of Owner Surrenders

Your Help is Needed More Than Ever

$15,393 raised

$2,000 goal

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Your Help is Needed More Than Ever

Update April 12, 2020: $12,653 STRONG! Thank you Team Watermelon!
As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, our staff is continuing to care for the animals and assist with adoptions and generous donations in new ways. We appreciate all of you who have chosen to #StayWithUs and donated supplies, money and prayers. Your continued support provides us with the resources needed to continue to save the lives of the surrendered, abandoned and orphaned pets we care for.

We are continuing to receive owner surrendered pets from other shelters and vet offices, owner's for whatever reason feel they can no longer care for their pets and are taking them to vets to be euthanized. Through our network and close relationships with these vets we get the calls. And with your generous donations we are able to rescue these precious animals, prepare them for adoption and make them available to you. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


Puppy Jade arrived at the Ranch with her mother and our team quickly noticed a string wrapped around her back paw area. There was no way to tell how long the string was there, but it obviously left permanent damage and a deformed foot. We are having our vet assess her condition and whether she will need amputation or not. Thank you for supporting her recovery!

If you are following this thread, then you may know that Grendel went out on a trial adoption very soon after arriving at the Ranch. We are happy to announce he has found his forever home with a wonderful family who has adopted other handicapped pets from WMR. Happy tails are wagging everywhere! Thank you to all who made this possible!

Update March 30, 2020: $11,963 STRONG! We hope you are all staying home and staying healthy. We love reading your comments, and dedications. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

We are committed to continuing Watermelon's mission-critical work for animals and people during these uncertain times. But, with the loss of important events, we are seeing a gap between donations that are critical to maintaining our life-saving work and our expenses. We thank you for helping us bridge the gap in funding by making a monetary donation today.

  • Grendel (ChiChi mix) featured on this page, has gone out on a trial adoption and is doing very well!
  • Chandler (ginger cat) has been adopted!
  • About half of the puppies we recently took in have been adopted!
The Ranch is in need of BLEACH AND BACTERIAL CLEANING SUPPLIES. If you are able to donate anything, the Ranch is open by appointment only Wednesday - Saturday. Please email Sara Heffern to arrange a drop off.

You may also want to direct ship us supplies or check out our Amazon Wish List.

On behalf of the animals, we thank you so much for coming together as a community and being there for us, for them.

Update March 25, 2020: Team Watermelon we are overwhelmed at your support - $8,500! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Don't Stop Now! Let's Send This Campaign Through The Woof!

With the declared pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) Watermelon Mountain Ranch has taken unprecedented steps to ensure the health and safety of our animals and staff. Everything from short-term, minor operational disruptions to the worst-case scenario of a longer and more significant shutdown.We are following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposure and spread in our facility.

This unprecedented crisis is affecting all of the shelters, and we have been inundated with shelters in the southwest pleading for our help. The biggest emergency we are seeing is that these other shelters do not have the room to keep these surrendered pets, and therefore may be forced to start euthanizing. So, they have turned to us for help. We have taken in as many as we feasibly can, knowing what the result would be if we said no.


Meeting the needs of the animals will remain our top priority.
To keep our staff healthy to take care of the animals we have:

  • closed the Ranch and made the heartbreaking decision to furlough some staff.
  • moved the pets out of our Cottonwood Mall Adoption Center and into foster homes in a matter of 2 days!
  • limited our meet & greets to BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Wednesdays-Sundays.
  • continued our assistance providing pet food for low income pet owners.


New feline faces from the recent rescues


Been thinking about a new best bud? With reduced shelter resources and no shortage of animals needing help, they really need you ❤️ You are home with time you can spend on your new family member, helping them get acquainted and settled in.

Visit our website to see all of the adorables up for adoption right now. Call us to schedule an appointment to come meet your favorite! Please consider giving a pet your love, affection and warm home, and in return you will be rewarded with a companion who will love you forever.

Grendel the special needs Chi-Chi mix from the recent rescues

PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION. THANK YOU TEAM WATERMELON. We are in this together and we will survive.

Be watching for updates and notices on Instagram and Facebook. The best way to contact us is through Facebook. We have limited staff at the Ranch and are open ONLY BY APPOINTMENT. If you find a pet you want to adopt, Facebook Message us to arrange a time for you to come out.

On behalf of all of the pets of Watermelon Mountain Ranch, THANK YOU, take care and stay healthy.